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How to Use a Daily Routine to Stay Focused While Traveling

How to Use a Daily Routine to Stay Focused While Traveling

Staying motivated and focused on priorities without the structure of a full-time job can be difficult so we put this schedule together to help structure our lives as we travel.

We created it for our time at Lake Atitlan but it’s been easy to adapt as we’ve moved and assimilated to new parts of the world. #nomadlife

Early mornings (6am - 9am)

1. Wake up 

With or shortly after sunrise. Before getting out of bed, give thanks by making a mental list of everything good in your life and focus on each blessing for a minute or two. Set intention for the day. Drink 2 cups of warm water with lemon, lime or ACV (apple cider vinegar).

2. Practice Yoga and Meditate

Daily practice (Sādhana) - gentle warm up, sun salutation flow, personal or guided (Headspace, Yoga Nidra) meditation.

3. Have Breakfast

Fruit, protein and fat to start the day, ideally eating fruit 20min before the rest of the meal. 

Favorite breakfast foods: pineapple, papaya with lime or mixed berries with local honey. Chia seed pudding with all the fixin’s, black coffee with cinnamon and coconut oil, fried eggs with avocado and sauerkraut.

4. Go to the bathroom, shower, get dressed

Have a bowel movement (yea, we said it). If you struggle with this, sit on the toilet for at least 5min (relax, breath and read the news). For soothing, give yourself a slow self-massage (Abhayanga) with a sesame or almond oil before showering. For cleansing, use a salt scrub in the shower. 

When getting dressed, think about wearing clothes that activate certain Chakras and bring in desired energetic qualities (e.g. red for fire/energy, blue for water/soothing, green or brown for earth/grounding).

Mid-morning (10am - 12pm)

5. Work on Project Murray

Blog, share and prepare Instagram posts, book flights or Airbnb’s, etc.

6. Do an activity or learn something

Head out for a short hike, do a grocery run or read a book about something you want to learn

Afternoon (12pm - 6pm)

7. Prepare and eat lunch

Heaviest meal of the day. Try new recipes from Ayurveda book, stay healthy. 

8. Work on Project Murray some more or keep learning

Avoid urge to siesta. Work on something you’re passionate about for the next few hours (e.g. Project Murray, learning something new, practicing a foreign language, etc.)

9. Relax and enjoy the rest of the day

Be happy about what you’ve accomplished and take a relaxing break.

Evening (6pm - 10pm)

10. Prepare and eat dinner

Lightest meal of the day. Soups, stews, curries are great options. 

11. Post on Instagram

Posting around 6pm PST (9pm EST) gets the most reach. 

12. Wind down and prepare for bed

Stretch, lounge, watch a movie and/or read for enjoyment. 

13. Sleep

By 10pm so you can wake up with sunrise again. Before falling asleep, make a hand-written or mental note of what you’re grateful for and focus on each blessing for a minute or two. Smile. See you in dreamland. 

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