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Our Airbnb in La Condesa, Mexico City

Our Airbnb in La Condesa, Mexico City

We were in Mexico City for three weeks so we have a lot of tips and insights to share. We’ll start with the most important - where to lay your head at night.

We got advice from friends who live in Mexico City (shoutout Elizabeth y Carlos), friends who have visited, and from our own objective research and the consensus was clear - you must stay in Condesa or La Roma. Both very cool neighborhoods, which often get compared to the West Village or Lower East Side in New York City. They’re right next to one another, centrally-located and have the best places to eat, shop and walk around - you can’t go wrong with either. In this post, we’ll cover our recommendation for Condesa, and follow with a separate one on La Roma. 

We followed our friends advice and spent our first two nights in Condesa, one of Mexico City’s best neighborhoods. We wish we could have stayed longer. The apartment we stayed in is on a quiet, tree-lined stretch of Avenida Mazatlan and its lushness calmed us after coming from the sterile, shopping mall-like international airport.  

Location is great - close to Chapultepec Park (perfect for a jog or to visit it’s infinite museums and attractions), an Americanized supermarket (Superama) and tons of great restaurants and bars. One of the city’s best restaurants, Lardo, is just downstairs (more on Lardo in a future post).

Aside from location and furnishings, the latter you’ll see in our photos, our favorite thing about this apartment was the building complex it's in. As soon as we arrived, I told Philipp it reminded me of Paris. He told me not to judge a place so quickly. 

“El Edificio Condesa” was built in 1911 by Canadian architect Thomas Gore and it’s considered historic for its age and eclectic English European style design. Originally occupied by affluent families, it’s now home to a mix of people, many artists and a couple of Airbnbs.

The apartment is laid out in a very spacious U-shape and has all the things you’d want or need. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen, living room with bar cart and piano, dining area, TV room with Apple TV, bedroom with comfy Queen-sized bed, bathroom with plush towels and a washer/dryer. Big windows with lots of plants give it a nice vibe. It’s cleaned weekly and it shows. The listing on Airbnb mentions low water pressure in the shower because the building is old, but we didn’t have any issues with it. The only thing to note is it’s on the 3rd floor of a walkup building so you’ll need to be able to carry your luggage up the stairs. 

We highly recommend staying here, and when you do, you’ll have to meet up with, Talia, the host (there’s no self-check in option). She’s really cool and will give you a tour and tons of recommendations for your stay. She speaks Spanish, English and German, two of which we were able to match. 

More info on this apartment

Airbnb link:     https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3533231
Availability:     2 nights minimum stay
Guests:            2

Added this place to your Wishlist or have a different apartment in Mexico City you’d recommend? Let us know! 

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Note: This is not an ad. Our recommendations are based on our first-hand experience, personal aesthetic, and a budget of around $100 per night or less. 

Our Airbnb in Roma Norte, Mexico City

Our Airbnb in Roma Norte, Mexico City

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